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Potion, Rare

A light blue potion in a cubic bottle. When shaken, a sphere glows bright in the center, and fades away.

If you try to pour it out instead of drinking it, the liquid will come out, then crawl up your body and back into the bottle.

Drinking When drinking, you will first take 4d12 Acid damage, and fall asleep. While asleep, the liquid inside the potion will form into a sentient ooze, and start absorbing into your body. Your entire body will start to become part of the ooze. After 1 hour, you are reclassified as an Ooze and gain spiderclimb, amorphous, and acidic body as new racial traits. Your old racial traits stay. Your skin turns light blue, and is partially see-through. Your body is also liquid, however, it still maintains its form. After 3d6 days, the curse engages, and Remove Curse and Greater Restoration no longer work.

New Traits Spiderclimb: You can climb on any surface without using extra movement. Amorphous: Your body can fit through any surface 1 inch or larger. Any attuned objects or clothing come through, but other equipment does not. Acidic Body: Touching your body corrodes any weapon, making it deal only 1/4 damage it used to, and deals 3d8 Acid damage to anybody touching.

Curse After your time is complete, you start leaving a small liquid trail of ooze. This can be used to track you easier. 1d4 days later, you will lose all racial traits from your previous race. Your body will be able to form in any way you want, but it requires concentration to keep your humanoid form for more than 3 turns. You cannot cast spells, and weapons deal half damage.

Your armor and clothing cannot be worn, and no protective items can help you. Your AC is 13. Your words come out bubbly and muted, almost if you are underwater. Water deals 1d10 Acid Damage for every minute that you are partially underwater. If you are completely submerged, you take 2d10+4 damage instead.

Only Wish can stop the curse, now.

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