Bauble of Wonder (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, Uncommon (requires attunement)

This is a mysterious bauble found in an ancient tomb, it seems to lightly glow with a pulsing red light originating in its center. When holding the Bauble close to you, you smell an array of spices that come together smelling something like an ancient book combined with a set of spiced pastries. This item has one charge, which is regained at dawn.

Allure. As an action while attuned to and wearing the bauble, you may expend one of this item's charges to speak its command word, forcing one creature that can see the bauble to attempt a DC 15 Charisma saving throw. On a failure, they become charmed by you for 1 minute as they are captivated by the bauble.

Curse. This bauble is cursed. Attuning to this item curses you until you are targeted by a remove curse spell or similar magic. If you use the bauble's Allure feature while cursed, when the effect ends, the creature that was affected by it becomes obsessed with the bauble for the next 48 hours, attempting to take the bauble by any means and always knowing the direction of the bauble. If you use the bauble's Allure feature while you are not cursed, you become cursed when the effect ends.

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