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Wondrous Item (Handled Mirror), very rare (auto-attunes)

The Mirror of the Medusa is a silver handheld mirror with snakes carved into its edges. It craves the corrution the beautiful and humble, turning them ugly and vain. When a being of its choice looks into its surface, they must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or come under the effects of the mirrors spell. They will suddenly by amazed by their own reflection, saying things such as "I never realized I was this beautiful/handsome. They will feel the need to look into the mirror more and more, all the while the mirror whispers to them, telling them how everyone is jealous of their beauty and they are superior to the common folk. The only way to remove the curse is through a greater restoration spell or other more powerful magics. After 1d8 + 1 days pass, when the user looks into the mirror, it cracks. The snakes that make up the edges and handle of the mirror will come to life and will begin attacking and biting the user. The snakes bites and venom will disfigure the once beautiful person. The venom will drain their skin of color, making it gray and cracked and making all their hair fall out. The snakes will gouge out their eyes and take their place, making it so that all that look upon their face turn to stone. Then, all the remaining ones will gather at the users head and take root, giving the users snakes for hair. Once this is done, the character has finished their transformation into a Medusa and their character will fall under your DM's control. The only way to bring the character back is through a wish spell. If the Medusa is slain, some of the snakes will leave the body and form a new mirror somewhere else in the world.

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