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Wondrous Item (Sphere), legendary (requires attunement)

This sphere was once known as the sphere of banishment, a fist sized clear crystal orb used to ensnare the spirits of evil draconic beings and render them weak. after years of being used in this way, the souls held within began to leak out, suffusing the artifact with a terrible curse. it can still be used for its purpose, but its capabilities are far outweighed by the side effects of keeping it near.

Draconic Drain: as an action, you may use life drain on any draconic creature that you can see. this spell acts as if it was cast by a level 6 spellcaster, and can be cast thrice per day. if a dragon is killed by this spell, their soul goes into the sphere, and it hums ominously.

Curse. This sphere is cursed. the curse can be removed with a remove curse spell or similar magic, or by spending 5 days away from the sphere. the curse forces the pc who attunes to the item to make a d10 wisdom saving throw once per night. on a failure, they must roll on this table.

d10  Effect
1 The pc will gain one point of exhaustion every long rest they spend not surrounded by or touching gold. such gold can be coins, artifacts, or jewelry.
2 The pc will become suspicious of all strangers they meet. any rolls made to decipher a strangers true intent or character will lead them to believe they are an enemy. the dm is also free to describe them to become more suspicious if needed. the pc will not know about this effect.
3 The pc will become distressed when parted with any of their magic items, gaining disadvantage on all attack rolls and saving throws.
4 The pc will refuse to part with any of their wealth, down to the smallest copper coin.
5 The pc becomes brutish in nature, like a white dragon. they gain disadvantage on stealth, sleight of hand, deception, and persuasion checks, but gain an advantage on intimidation checks.
6 The pc becomes deceptive like a green dragon. they gain advantage on deception checks, but take 1 psychic damage every time that they speak truthfully.
7 The pc becomes prideful and vain, like a blue dragon. they gain disadvantage on deception rolls that would belittle themselves in some way, only capable of lying to make themselves look better.
8 You gain an unrivaled cruelty, like a black dragon. you become neutral evil.
9 You gain a terrible ferocity, like a red dragon. your melee weapon attacks have a +2 to them, but you take 1d4 psychic damage if you spend two turns without dealing damage to any creature.
10 You become unable to speak any language except draconic.

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