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April Fools!
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Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

Kainenmorden's Bag of Holding Toast

Made by a mad wizard wanting to feed his college to prevent starvation during long periods of study and meditation. Something was lost in translation, and much like the wizards name, the items intentions were turned upside down. What will it be this time, player? A piece of toast or an anxious stoat? That is finally possible with this bag of holding with an odd gluten allergy.

Rabbit out of a Hat This item functions like a bag of holding with one small condition. The "genius" who made this made an issue in translation and made this a 50/50 if you reach in and actually grab what you're looking for. When you reach into this bag, roll make a constitution saving throw to a save DC of 10 and if you roll above that you get the item you're looking for. below that, flip a coin. If heads you, pull out a piece of cinnamon toast. This toast is alive, adorable, and morbidly delicious. Eating it gives you 1d4 temporary hitpoints. If tails you pull out a live stoat that acts neutral unless interacted with. When interacted with it immediately takes on the bite property of a rabbit and attacks whoever interacted with it.

Curse. This bag is cursed. Attuning to this item curses you until you are targeted by a Wish spell or similar magic. Stoats summoned by Rabbit out of a Hat in increments of 5 form swarms with the traits of a swarm of rabbits (rabbit traits times five) that are immediately hostile to all players. Toast eaten more that once causes an immediate 1 hour short rest as the consumer goes into a sugar coma for the whole duration. Befriending a stoat will result in the possibility of that stoat joining a swarm. Living toast that is befriended also form swarms in increments of five should you attempt to befriend one.

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