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Weapon (Spirit Weapon), Rare (Requires at least 1 level in Nephilim) Nephilim weapon

You take spirit weapon due to your angelic/demonic abilities, causing a lethal nephilic damage in its wake. Through training and practice, you can adapt your style of combat in order to create a range of benefits or effects in combat. You are proficient with it while you wield it. This weapon counts as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage. If you use a weapon with abilities, any bonuses are added however surplus weapon abilities are negated while its infused.

Pocket Dimension

From First level, it has enough space to store the weapon. At third level, it opens into 10ft cube, leaving space for extra storage, creatures may enter if they are in contact with the blade, however there is only enough air for 10 minutes divided by the number of creatures in the dimension. Upon death all items drop out from where the dimension was last entered or exited.


Due to the nature of the weapon, the four walls of the Pocket Dimension, as detailed above, open up to

Wall One A place considered 'Home'
Wall Two The last place the Dimension was opened from
Wall Three A building of Significant value to the Nephilim
Wall Four It's Mother's grave

The way to calculate damage for this weapon is starter spirit weapon damage(i.e: 1d4) + proficiency bonus [+ if the infusions have a damage bonus] + (the number of standard martial weapons infused, up to a maximum of 6)

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