The Crystal of Long Dreaming (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, very rare

The Crystal of Long Dreaming is a small, luminous crystal that shines from within with an unearthly indigo aura.

Curse.When in contact with a living humanoid, the target must make a DC 16 Constitution saving throw. On a failure, the crystal will sink itself into the targets flesh and dissolve into the targets bloodstream. When this happens, they will be imbedded with the curse of The Long Dream. The user will dream every night after contact with the crystal (whether these are nightmares or not depends on the player). With each passing night, the perceived length of the user's dreams will seem to be increase, from months, to years, to decades and then to centuries- For example, while the user may have only slept for the duration of a long rest, they will have experienced having a dream that lasted for fifty (perceived) years. As this continues, it will feel to the user that they really are living the length of time they perceive their dreams to be.

A side effect of the curse is that as their minds are affected by their long dreaming, their physical appearance shall change as well. As the dreams continue, the user's body will become thin and sickly, their faces becoming gaunt and their skin sallow and lacking colour - From here on, they shall physically mutate with large, unblinking blank eyes and cracked skin, their form becoming more and more alien as time goes on. The target will also begin to suffer long term madness.

The user will have one last dream - a dream that's supposedly eternal - before crumbling to ash in their sleep, only leaving behind the crystal, now reformed. This full effect of this curse takes two months time, and can only be removed with a Wish spell, a Greater Restoration spell, or possibly divine intervention from a deity.

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