Mask of Greed (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item (mask), rare (requires attunement)

This mask's appearance changes to suite its wearer's idea of what a fancy mask would look like.

Exchange. While wearing this mask, as an action, you may target a non-magical Large or smaller object you can see within 30 feet of you not being worn or held by a creature. You turn the object into a pile of currency equivalent to the object's cost in the same place as the orginal object. This exhange priotizes using the highest currency denomination (pp to gp to ep to sp to cp). This property may be used 4 times, and this mask regains all expended uses of this property daily at dawn.

Luxury. This mask has the ability to make minor changes to your surroundings. You can spend 1 gp to make your resting spot warm and soft for 8 hours, your food more delectable, to make your dingy surrounds more tolerable by creating dim-light in a 10 foot radius around you for one hour, or other minor effects at the purview of the DM.

Curse. This mask is cursed. Attuning to this item curses you until you are targeted by a remove curse spell or similar magic. While you are attuned to this mask, whenever you see a non-magical object that is worth 100 gp or more, you will buy, bribe, or do whatever it takes to become the owner of said item.

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