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Wondrous Item, legendary

A mask of cryptic origins and sinister properties. Its onyx black color supports its ominous appearance and draws curiosity out of those that gaze upon it. Although its origins are shrouded in mystery, it is rumored to have been created by an apprentice wizard that desired to fly more than anything in the world. And so, the wizard used the ultimate spell to wish for a mask that would make his dream a reality. After using the mask, the wizard allegedly disappeared from human society and now resides in the Elemental Plane of Air.

Eyes of an Eagle. Wearing the mask enhances your vision to an unimaginable level. You can use a bonus action to place the mask over your face and an action to remove it. While wearing the mask, you are proficient in the Perception skill and may double your proficiency bonus on any skill check or saving throw that involves sight. You also gain 10 feet of Truesight and a +2 bonus to your attack and damage rolls while using a ranged weapon. The mask can only be worn by a non-avian humanoid race.

Curse. Such a powerful mask comes at a price, however. After one total minute of use by you, the first phase of the mask's curse will trigger. During the first phase of the curse, the mask causes you to become blinded. As a result of being blinded, you to lose all benefits from the Eyes of an Eagle feature and lose all means of vision. The mask will also stick to you, unable to be moved from your face by physical or magical force.

Curse II. If you are blinded by the mask and you continue to wear it for another minute, the second phase of the mask's curse begins. During the second phase of the curse, you suddenly fall unconscious and are enveloped in a sky-blue light for one minute. While under this light, you cannot be targeted by a creature for any attacks or spells. Your armor molds into a new shape to accommodate your new form. Feathers cover your body, and your feet are replaced with sharp talons. A beak also grows from your face. Finally, large pair of wings expand from your back. At the start of your next turn, the bright light surrounding you fades, you regain consciousness, and your vision is restored. Once the bright light surrounding you fades, what has happened to you is revealed to all.

Your race permanently changes to the aarakocra and you take on the full physical appearance of an aarakocra. You lose all racial features and ability score changes provided by your previous race, but gain all racial features and ability score changes of the aarakocra race. Additionally, you retain your alignment, personality, and maximum Hit Points from your previous form. The aarakocra subrace that you take on is determined by your previous race, class, and alignment, as agreed upon by you and your DM. Your new shape is treated as your true form, and as a result you will not revert to your previous race when your Hit Points become 0 or when you die.

The Feather Mask, Source

Removing the Curse. During the first phase of the curse, the mask can be removed from the user by casting remove curse. Once the remove curse spell is successfully cast, the mask will fall to the ground in a dormant state. While the mask is in this state, wearers of the mask cannot benefit from the Eyes of an Eagle feature for 4d6 days and the mask's curse remains.

It becomes far more complicated to remove the mask's curse during the second phase. Nothing can be done while the mask's user is enveloped in the sky-blue light. However, restoring the mask's user to their previous form afterwards can be done magically in two ways: either casting the wish spell and wishing for the changes to be reverted, or having three magic users cast the greater restoration spell simultaneously on the cursed creature. When removing the curse through the greater restoration spell, the creature affected by the mask's curse cannot be one of the three magic users casting greater restoration. Once the curse is lifted from the mask's user, the mask takes on a stone-gray color and falls to the ground in a dormant state. While in this state, the mask acts as a normal mask, giving the user no additional features or curses. The mask returns to its original state after 1d8 months.

Since the wish spell was used to create the mask, using spells to remove the curse only remove the negative effects currently on the mask's user. The wizard's conditions when wishing for the mask makes the mask's curse permanent. As such, it cannot be removed in any way.

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