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Wondrous Item, legendary (you become attuned to this item once you rub it. (unless you succeed on a DC 25 Wisdom saving throw) This does not count against the limit of how many attuned items you are allowed to have.)

A cursed lamp from which a genie has been set free, rubbing the lamp traps you in the lamp and you transforms you into a genie. You are trapped inside the lamp until a humanoid comes along and rubs your lamp. If or when they do, you must obey them but you can try and convince them to free you. You must grant 1d3 uses of the wish spell to the person who rubbed your lamp and they may use 1 to set you free. Having to carry out a task counts as a wish for this purpose. See Genie's Lamp for specifics on how the wish spells work. All wishes except the one to free you are always twisted, since you are not imbued with magical power but act as an intermediary for the cursed lamp. You are not aware of this until you are about to fulfill your first wish and are unable to communicate it to anyone else. If you do not twist the wish voluntarily or the DM deems the twist insufficient, they are free to replace it with their own twisted wish. After fulfilling all of the wishes, the lamp teleports to a random point in existence. It chooses a place where another mortal is likely to find it soon, continuing its curse. If you are still attuned to it, you are whisked along with it.

Being A Genie: As a genie, you live inside your lamp. The inside of your lamp is one medium sized room(20x20x20 ft3) that has all the things that a prison would, a bed, lavatories, etc. The inside of your lamp will represent, to a degree, your current lifestyle (eg. if you are a noble your lamp will be decorated accordingly with specifics up to the DM). Neither your race nor your ability change, although your appearance may alter to become more like the elemental genies. You do not need to eat, drink or sleep but you can if you want to (unless you are commanded). If freed you revert to your previous form, with only some minor, superficial alterations carried over from your genie form. You are also unattuned to the lamp after you are freed.

Warrior Turned Genie

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