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Wondrous Item (Choker), Rare (Requires Attunement)

It looks to be a choker, made of fabric with strings of gold. It has 8 sockets that indent the inside and look to hold something small and round. When donned and attuned,it digs into the throat and connects to the attune's voice box. Only lesser restoration, greater restoration or wish can remove it. A small pearl forms in the front, and when speaking that pearl glows golden red.

Once per day, resetting at midnight, the user may use their full action to make an attack (melee, but can be done within 10 ft) and make a golden tube launch from their hand and connect to a creatures throat, this does 2d8 piercing damage. If the creature dies then they fail this automatically, the creature makes a DC 13 constitution saving throw. On fail, the tube glows gold and a pearl forms in the choker, this can be done 7 times, as too fill the choker.

With 10 min of concentration, the attuned creature can choose to destroy a pearl, returning that voice to the victim, assuming they're still alive. When you have more than 1 pearl you can choose which voice you speak with, you use what that creatures native tongue is, you do not learn the language, but you may use it as long as you have the pearl. After you completely fill the choker, the curse can set in.

Curse When the Choker is full, once everyday at dawn, make a DC 13 constitution saving throw. On fail, the curse sets in. When you become cursed, your eyes become pure golden spheres, you hair turns gold and the choker melds into your flesh, making the pearls ingrained in your neck sticking half out, you may no longer remove or add voices.

You get adv on Intimidation and Persuasion checks, once per day you may charm someone using suggestion The attuned creature will fight until they die or win as they are more powerful.

You may cast remove curse at this point to remove the choker, when you do though, make a charisma save, DC 15, on fail your voice pearl does not enter into you and instead you lose your voice (or to the DM's discretion, you keep one of the other voices you stole). If you die, the pearls with dissolve and go to their owners (assuming they're still living) and the choker will be empty and will be unmelded, it can be freely stolen from your body.

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