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Wondrous Item (Bracelet), Very Rare

A bracelet made of gold, with a small pipe in the very middle circling the bracelet. It's filled with water, except for one small bubble. This is a complete closed loop, but while you attempt to place it on your wrist, it strangely opens up, somehow.

This attunes after completing a Short Rest with the bracelet on. After placing it on your wrist, it cannot be taken off unless by casting remove curse', 'Lesser or Greater Restoration.

While attuned to it, you will gain the flaw, "I long for the ocean. When I get there, I never want to leave." Your Alignment changes to Chaotic Good. Your hair, lips, nails, eyes, and any other makeup turn hot pink.. The skin on your legs gets soft, and almost squishy. You can breathe air and water, you become natural more beautiful giving you advantage on persuasion, and deception checks.

1 day after attunement, you enter stage 1, you suddenly gain a strange love for singing. You can use an action to sing, which casts dominate person, which grows more powerful as the curse gets stronger. The save DC they must make for curse stage 1 is 14, casting as a 5th level spell, stage 2 15, casting as a 6th level spell, stage 3 16, cast as a 7th level spell, and stage 4 17, cast as a 8th level spell.

5 days after attunment, you enter stage 2, you will gain Vulnerability to Fire damage, but Immunity to Cold damage. You can at will use an action to merge your legs into a tail. Your hair grows long and curly. (If wanted your hair can magically get streaks of blue, purple, or pink, same colors for your eyes if you want those to change color).

7 days after attunement, you enter stage 3, your body shapes to be extremely feminine. Your Gender changes to Female. Anything you touch immediately becomes wet. Your skin becomes glossy. Anywhere you step, the surrounding ground in a 3 foot diameter becomes wet, but not enough to turn dirt into mud, etc.

After 2 weeks of being attuned, you enter stage 4, Your arms up to 2 inches past your elbow turn bluegreen and grow slimy scales. The same happens for your legs, but up to your waist. Your forearms, back, and sides will grow large fins. All clothes and armor are immediately removed, and you have a natural AC of 10. Any attempts to place clothes or armor on immediately fail. You can alter armor and clothes to suit you.

Next time you touch water from the ocean make a cha save dc 15, on fail, your legs will start to merge together, then reshape themselves into one large flipper. Then, your feet-fins will slowly come together, turning your feet into a giant mermaid’s tail. Your chest will grow two seashells on them, and cannot be taken off. On pass, you are immune to this for 24 hours. If you pass 3 times, you are immune to this effect, and can take on and off the bracelet at will, if you take it off you lose the perks but get them back when put on again

Your character is now a Half-Mermaid. You cannot control your character anymore, and she is considered dead. Unless by a Wish spell, you cannot regain control of your character and must create a new one.

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