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Wondrous Item, very rare

It is a life size bronze statuette depicting stylized felines. The cats are in a seated posture, looking forward with ears raised in what is usually described as an 'attentive' expression with a height of about 2 and a half feet. Their eyes are inset with what appear to be polished tiger-eye stones that give an impression of luminescence, though they do not directly emit visible light.

When two of these statuettes are facing each other with direct eye contact with one another, it will create a psychological barrier between them. When attempting to pass this barrier, you must make a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw. On a success, you pass thru without any detrimental effects. On a failure, you will have your attention diverted elsewhere and you will forget what you were just doing. This barrier can be broken if the line of sight between the two statues is broken. Upon loosing eye contact with one another, a more dangerous aspect of the statue's effects manifests itself.

Upon making eye contact with one of the statues, an observer is unable to break eye contact with the statue. The trapped individual will feel a mental pressure forcing him to crouch down so that his eyes are level with the statue's. After several minutes in this pose the subject's body begins to slowly stiffen and become heavier as a transmutation effect takes hold, converting the subject into a duplicate of the statue over the course of approximately one hour. The subject remains aware throughout the process but will remain unable to break the statue's gaze. Once the physical transmutation has begun, the only way to reverse it is through a Greater Restoration spell. This effect only afflicts humanoids. Non magical clothing that the observer is wearing will begin to crumble into a fine powder, with large sections peeling away to expose unnaturally smooth and bronze-tinted skin. Their body will begin to shrink and will appear more feline in nature. The observers eyes will harden and take on the appearance of amber stones and will be unable to blink. After about 10 minutes, the observer appears to be an exact duplicate of the statue and now have the same magical properties. Its skin has a fully metallic sheen and its immobile body is shaped like a large cat.

The effect can only be reversed through a wish spell.

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