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Wondrous item, rare

A black magic stone that contains dark energy, which will corrupt anyone who holds it, except a god-kin, who can hold it indefinitely. They are very rarely found in the stomach of monstrosities that have eaten sentient humanoids.
This stone grants its holder unimaginable power, increasing the Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution by +4, to a limit of 24. You have advantage on Charisma (Intimidation) checks. For each minute spend carrying the stone on your person, your intelligence score decreases by 1, to a minimum of 7. If your intelligence is seven or less while carrying the stone, you will go on a berserk rampage, attacking the nearest creature you can see, until the curse is dispelled or you are killed. Intelligence lost through the curse can be restored through a greater restoration spell.
Even though a god-kin can hold one, they won't get any benefits for it. A tiefling has some sort of immunity to it which is thanks for their demonic ancestry, but once their score is under 10, their alignment will go down by one stage towards chaotic evil (if lawful good, it goes to good then to chaotic good then to lawful neutral, etc) for each minute spend with intelligence 7 or lower.

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