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Ring, very rare

A small white ring with a pink crystal set in it, grants +10 bonus movement and +2 dexterity when worn. Name appears as "Ring of Dexterity" until curse is activated.

Curse: If PC takes a short or long rest with this ring equipped they must make a DC 11 Constitution saving throw, upon success nothing happens. If PC fails saving throw they grow bunny ears and tail, and now find carrots irresistible. Removing ring does not remove the curse but does remove the bonuses, curse can be removed from the ring with remove curse but the bunny tail and ears (as well as the desire for carrots) will remain until lesser restoration is cast on the PC. After the curse is removed from the Bunny Ring and PC, the PC can attune to the ring in order to be able to gain the tail and ears again or remove them at will at the cost of one action.

This is still a work in progress item and may be changed in the future

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