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Magic Rings, Featured and Quality

These artifacts have been vetted through the Featured Articles or Quality Articles process and are suitable for any normal campaign.

Magic Ring Rarity

Magic Rings

Magic Ring Rarity
Abacus Ring of Storage legendary
Adamantine Ring very rare
Adamantium Ring of Metals very rare
Allfather's Ring Unique
Apprentice Ring of Blasting uncommon
Apprentice Ring of Distance common
Arcane Blood Ring very rare
Arcane Ring rare
Arsenal Ring very rare
Beauty Ring legendary
Blessed Ring of Power Legendary
Boomering very rare
Broken Ring of Libra very rare
Champion's Ring very rare
Circlet of Monstrous Dominance legendary
Covetous Gold Serpent Ring uncommon
Covetous Silver Serpent Ring very rare
Craag's 5 Sided Circle legendary
Curse of Akatosh very rare
Cursed Ring of Power Legendary
Darksteel Ingot legendary
Das Kinder Mallet uncommon
Disposable Ring of Protection uncommon
Double Fanged Ring rare
Dusty Ring uncommon
Earrings of Improved Healing uncommon
Efreeti Soul Ring very rare
Elemental Control Ring rare
Fire Ring very rare
Gooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Ring rare
Greater Ring of Crystal Growth Legendary
Green Lantern Ring Legendary
Hearrings rare
Inelul Magilor Nebuni legendary
Lesser Ring of the Lycanthrope rare
Lucii Ring of Old legendary
Major Ring of Primal Power very rare
Minor Ring of Dexterous Strength rare
Minor Ring of Primal Power rare
Mood Ring uncommon
Moon Lord's Ring very rare
Moon Ring rare
Night's Whispers very rare
No Evil legendary
Obsidian Ring of Power legendary
Paired Rings of Illusion uncommon
Paired Twisted Rings Uncommon
Poisonsoak Ring uncommon
Pure Elementium Band very rare
Quickstrike Ring very rare
Raven Ring rare
Ray Gun Ring rare
Re-equip Ring uncommon (5 points),rare (10 points),very rare (15 points),or legendary (20 points)
Reckless Ring of Magic rare
Requip Ring uncommon
Rin g of Perfectiveness Rare
Ring of Accuracy uncommon
Ring of Action Saving legendary
Ring of Alter Self uncommon
Ring of Ancient Magic rare
Ring of Anti-Magic Legendary
Ring of Arcanum rarity varies
Ring of Armored Strength very rare
Ring of Ash Very Rare
Ring of Attunement Very Rare
Ring of Awareness rare
Ring of Balance very rare
Ring of Blackrock uncommon
Ring of Borrowing Rare
Ring of Bravery uncommon
Ring of Charges legendary
Ring of Crystal Growth very rare
Ring of Cure Wounds uncommon
Ring of Death legendary
Ring of Dexterous Strength very rare
Ring of Disrobing very rare
Ring of Earthly Movement rare
Ring of Endless Ammunition very rare
Ring of Envy rare
Ring of Evil very rare
Ring of Famine legendary
Ring of Finding uncommon
Ring of Fire rare
Ring of Fire Bolts common
Ring of Flame Jump legendary
Ring of Focus uncommon
Ring of Frost and Ice legendary
Ring of Gnomekind rare
Ring of Haste uncommon
Ring of Healing rare
Ring of Hold Person rare
Ring of Homunculi rare
Ring of Hostile Projection rare
Ring of Impenetrable Force rare
Ring of Incredible Strength uncommon or rare
Ring of Infinite Souls legendary
Ring of Interception very rare
Ring of Keys rare
Ring of Khajiiti legendary
Ring of Knowledge rare
Ring Of Magic Amplification Unique
Ring of Magical Resistance rarity varies
Ring of Meta Gaming legendary
Ring of Minor Speed uncommon
Ring of Mirror Image Rare
Ring of Misfortune, Variant uncommon
Ring of Misty Step very rare
Ring of Myrkul very rare
Ring of Namira legendary
Ring of Nature rare
Ring of Nightmare legendary
Ring of Petrification very rare
Ring of Pleh common
Ring of Plentiful Technique legendary
Ring of Precision very rare
Ring of Radiance uncommon
Ring of Resizing rarity varies
Ring of Resurrection Legendary
Ring of Shadows rare
Ring of Shielding rare
Ring of Sirens very rare
Ring of Smiting rare
Ring of Spider Climbing uncommon
Ring of Steel Protection Rare
Ring of Strong Technique very rare
Ring of Stun Removal legendary
Ring of Supreme Magical Resistance legendary
Ring of Supreme Nature legendary
Ring of Sustenance rare
Ring of Swiftness legendary
Ring of the Ant uncommon
Ring of the Courageous Lion uncommon
Ring of the Evil Eye rare
Ring of The Goat uncommon
Ring of the Hidden Shadow very rare
Ring of the Kings Gates legendary
Ring of the Mage very rare
Ring of the Moon rare
Ring of the Mystic Hand rare
Ring of the Ocean's Choke rare
Ring of the Raven King rare
Ring of the Silver Blade very rare
Ring of the Slaver legendary
Ring of the Sneak Thief uncommon
Ring of the Spectral Blade uncommon
Ring of the Summoner very rare
Ring of the Sun-Walker rare
Ring of the Tree Whisperer rare
Ring of the Undead very rare
Ring of the Warrior legendary
Ring of Thunder Amplification uncommon
Ring of Tongues legendary
Ring of Tricks very rare
Ring of War legendary
Ring of Wardrobe Rare
Ring of Weapon Projection rare
Ring of Weapon Storage uncommon
Ring of Wild Shape rare
Ring of Wild Speech rare
Ring of Witchery uncommon
Ring of Wizardry rarity varies
Ring of Yinni very rare
Rings of Di Lee Suun legendary
Rings of Mylott Very Rare
Rings of Oblivion legendary
Saint's Ring very rare
Signet of Elemental Novicery rare
Split Soul Ring Unique
Strength of a Lion very rare
Subplus very rare
Sun Lord's Ring very rare
Sun Ring rare
Sunder Ring rare
Sunlight Ring rare
Swiss Army Ring uncommon
The Just Dance rare
The One Ring, Variant Legendary
The Ring of Second Life Very rare
The Ring of Teleportation legendary
Tombstone Ring legendary
Umbral Band rare
Underfoot Ring rare
Unyielding Ring of Primal Power legendary
Unyielding Ring of Yinni legendary
WormWood Ring legendary

Incomplete Rings

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