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Ring, very rare

A very powerful magic ring designed to harm lycanthropes. Its magical properties allow it to boost the damage output of weapons used against anything that transforms under the full moon. Many werecreatures are terrified just by the sight of this ring on someone's hand. It is often worn by high-ranking officers in groups that hunt supernatural beings.

Silver Touch. While wearing the Ring of the Silver Blade, you can use an action to choose one melee weapon in your possession that is made of metal. It becomes silvered for 24 hours. You can only make one weapon silvered at a time with this ring. Additionally, when it deals damage to a werecreature, that creature must make a DC 12 Constitution saving throw or receive a 2nd degree burn where they were struck by the weapon. If the creature already has a 2nd degree burn, the degrees do not stack.

Lunar Burning. If a lycanthrope wears or touches this ring, they must make a DC 20 Constitution saving throw or take 1d6 fire damage and receive a 2nd degree burn on the area where they touched the ring or the finger that they put the ring on. On a successful save, they take half the amount of damage they would've taken and are not burned. Lycanthropes are vulnerable to the fire damage dealt by this feature. If the creature already has a 2nd degree burn, the degrees do not stack.

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