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Additional and/or Variant Status Conditions[edit]

This is meant to represent new or variant conditions in the game.

Envenom (Variant poison)[edit]

  • An Envenomed character takes 1d6 poison damage at the beginning of each of its turns for the duration. For the purpose of conditional and damage immunities creatures that are immune to the poison condition or poison damage are immune to the envenomed condition.
  • Creatures that apply the poisoned condition can choose to apply the envenomed condition instead, however, the duration is halved, if any. In addition, creatures that deal poison damage equal to or greater than 30% of the targets maximum hit points can apply the envenomed condition.


  • A Rasped character is assailed by tiny particles of stone that wear down flesh and armour alike. A Rasped character takes 1d4 bludgeoning or magical bludgeoning, depending on the source, in damage at the beginning of its turn and that creature's AC is temporarily reduced by 2 for the duration.
  • Sandstorms, vortexes and other similar effects created either naturally or by magic and such can apply this condition as long as the creature is within the area of effect or the duration of the spell continues to affect them. The minimum duration this condition can be applied for is 1 round.
  • Creatures that are immune to bludgeoning or made from a substance that would cancel this effect like a vapour or magma may be immune to this effect(DM discretion).


  • A creature of evil alignment that comes under the effect of the cleanse condition feels an agonizing sense of burning in the area affected as well as a white steam can be seen emanating from them. The cleansed creature has disadvantage on attack rolls, ability checks and takes 1d6 radiant damage at the start of each of their turns. This effect ends after 1d4 rounds and cannot be applied to non-evil creatures.
  • The cleansed condition can be applied with holy substances such as holy water, holy fire and the likes. In addition, giving celestials the ability to apply such an effect can be done by saying, "when a celestial deals 30% or greater of an evil creatures maximum hit points with the radiant damage type the damaged creature comes under the effect of the cleanse condition".
  • Creatures that are not of the evil alignment are immune to this effect.


  • A creature or object that comes under the effect of the burning condition may feel an agonizing pain in the area affected as well as flames catching onto them. The burning creature takes 10% of the initial fire damage they were dealt at the start of each of their turns as fire damage for a number of rounds equal to 10% of the damage dealt, rounded down. This effect can be hindered by environmental conditions such as rain and creatures affected can end the condition on them by taking an action to pat out the flames.
  • The burning condition can be applied with powerful flames such as those created by a Fireball spell, Meteor Swarm and the likes but the rule to go by is that the fire damage must be equal or greater than 30% of that creature's maximum hit points to apply the burning condition.
  • Creatures with immunity to fire are immune to this effect.


  • A creature that comes under the effect of the burned condition takes one of the three degrees of this condition based on the on the amount of fire damage they took equal to their maximum hit points. When you take a degree of burned you take all lower degrees of burn. For example, if you had 100 hit points and you took 51 fire damage you would be affected by, 2nd as well as 1st degree.
  • 1st Degree: 25%: Your skin becomes bright pink or very red. You have disadvantage on your next weapon attack roll. You have disadvantage on Charisma checks.
  • 2nd Degree: 50%: Your skin becomes red as blisters begin to form on the affected area. You have disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws and ability checks. Your speed is also halved.
  • 3rd Degree: 75%: Your skin is seared black as the fire near consumes you. Make a constitution saving throw, versus the spell save DC or a DC appropriate for the source(DM fiat) or the pain, becomes too much to handle and you pass out for an hour, falling prone and becoming unconscious. On a successful save you are not affected.
  • Healing via magic reduces your burned level by 1 per each 25% of your hit points it heals. Healing via natural means recovers 1 level per long rest, provided that the creature has also ingested some food and drink. Spells like lesser restoration can remove 1 level of this effect, while something like greater restoration can remove it all at once. Finishing a long rest reduces a creature's exhaustion level by 1, provided that the creature has also ingested some food and drink.
  • Creatures with immunity to fire are immune to this effect. While creatures that are resistant require a 25% more of their hit point maximum to be affected by a level. For example, if a creature has resistance to fire and 50% of its hit point maximum was just taken in fire damage it would have the 1st Degree Burned condition.


  • A slowed creature has its speed halved.
  • Slowed creatures have their AC reduced by 2 while they are slowed, and have disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws.
  • Slowed creatures can't use reactions, and can only use an action or bonus action on their turn, not both. A slowed creature can also never make more than one attack per turn.
  • If a slowed creature attempts to cast a spell with a casting time of 1 action, it rolls a d12. On a 7 or higher, the spell doesn't take effect until the creature's next turn, and the creature must use its action on that turn to complete the spell. If it can't, the spell is wasted.


  • A berserk creature is driven mad with blind rage, most commonly due to the effects of a drug, a curse, or a creature associated with madness.
  • A berserk creature must use its action each round to attack the creature nearest to it. If it can make extra attacks as part of the Attack action, it uses those extra attacks, moving to attack the next nearest creature after it fells its current target. If it has multiple possible targets, it attacks one at random.
  • The condition ends if the berserk creature starts its turn with no creatures within 60 feet of it that it can see or hear.
  • Creatures that are immune to the charmed condition are also immune to the berserk condition. A calm emotions spell, or any other effect which suppresses or removes the charmed condition can also cure the berserk condition in addition to its usual effects.


A weakened creature's Strength has been sapped. The weakened condition can be applied by poison or necrotic attacks, or by a curse. Attacks which drain a creature's "life force" are likely to inflict the condition as well. Furthermore, undead as well as fiends can optionally inflict the weakened condition. Whenever a monster with this capability hits a creature with a weapon attack, the creature must succeed on a Constitution saving throw (DC as appropriate to the monster's CR) or be weakened for 1 minute. A creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success. A creature can only be made to make this save once per round, no matter how many times the monster hits it with a weapon attack.

  • A weakened creature deals only half damage with melee attacks, and has disadvantage on Strength (Athletics) and Dexterity (Acrobatics) checks.
  • A weakened creature's speed is reduced by 10 feet, to a minimum of half its base speed.
  • Creatures that are immune to the poisoned or the exhaustion conditions are also immune to the weakened condition.

The Addition of New Conditions

 When creating a new condition use the template as follows.
=== The name of the condition ===
*The conditions effect
*How it is applied
*What creatures would be immune to it

It is important to remember that dropping in a new condition is of no use if nothing uses it. 

Each entry needs to explain what game features might inflict it, which creatures might have immunity to it, and so on: conditions are only of use if lots of things refer to it. 

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