Ring of Disrobing (5e Equipment)

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Ring, very rare

It is at first glance a simple but elegant ring, a tiny band of gold with a ruby placed in the front of it carved into an oval shape, at closer inspection moving energy can be seen in the ruby it will occasionally hold still, as if looking at the person holding it, though it quickly will break this "stare" upon being noticed. The exact origins of this are unknown but most believe it involved a very drunk wizard and some form of a rampant pervert pal

Disrobing. Upon placing the ring on your finger it suddenly feels a bit more drafty, shortly after you, or your party mates, will quickly realize the ring has stripped you of all your clothing and armor, you equipment has appeared somewhere within 5 feet of you, in a small neat little pile. If you were to try and put it back on, you'd have to remove the ring from your finger or you'd simply have them be removed almost immediately

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