Ring of the Spectral Blade (5e Equipment)

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Ring, uncommon (requires attunement)

This ring carved from a precious gem houses the spirit of a blade, the type of which is randomly selected from the list below. It holds 7 charges, and regains 1d4 + 3 charges daily at dusk.

Spectral Blade. While attuned to the ring of the spectral blade, you may expend a charge to summon the weapon stored inside to your hand, with which you are considered proficient. This weapon deals force damage equivalent to its weapon's default damage on a hit, and is considered magical. The weapon can be stowed away into the ring as a bonus action, or when it leaves your hand.

Weapon Type. A ring of the spectral blade contains one of the following weapon types, which can be randomly determined by rolling a d8:

  1. Longsword (1d8)
  2. Shortsword (1d6)
  3. Greatsword (2d6)
  4. Scimitar (1d6)
  5. Rapier (1d8)
  6. Handaxe (1d6)
  7. Greataxe (1d12)
  8. Dagger (1d4)

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