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Ring, legendary (requires attunement)

The ring of the Slaver.

The ring of the slaver allows complete control over any slave it is bound to. It was created by a Crime boss named Jakoph, who asked his mages for a better way to control slaves. This ring was made to be used with the Lusty Maiden's Earring seen here.

When the ring is put onto a humanoid, they must make a DC 18 Charisma saving throw. On a failure, they become your slave and this ring deals 1d4 fire damage to them, and fuses to the wielder.

You are able to cast any of the following spells with no cost or material components against a slave bound by this ring, charm person, sleep, detect thoughts, zone of truth, and confusion on a single target.

To bind a ring to an earring, simply touch the ring to the body an earring is attached to.

To unbind an earring from a ring, simply make a verbal command for the slave to be free.

To force someone to unbind an earring from a ring, a level 7 or higher cast of remove curse and a successful DC 20 Arcana check is required.

If a slave is wearing the earring and the ring, then the slave loses all negative effects of the earring.

The ring can bind to multiple earrings, an earring can only be bound to one ring, as absolute control cannot be given to two different creatures.

Your ring must have a crest on it, and upon binding to a slave, that crest will appear in a location of your choosing on their body. This is treated as a tattoo that shines over clothing, and can only be shrouded through magical means. Even if you were to remove the ring, the effect of being a slave remains. Removing the ring does not get rid of its attunement.

A ring with a crest on it, which would be compatible with a Lusty Maiden's Earring or Laborer's Shackle. source

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