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Ring, uncommon (requires attunement)

For many years there has been a Incubus named Melocolias who rules over a section of the underworld. This is a section home to the most greedy and corrupt Incubi, seeking riches and pleasure above all else. That very drive is what lead to the creation of the Lusty Maiden's Earring. This earring was originally used to capture (insert the most common race in your campaign, for simplicity's sake, it shall be humans for now) and pacify them into obedient sex slaves for the Incubi. After many years of torture and slavery, the captured humans started to make children, which posed a financial opportunity for the Incubi. These were huncubi, a devilish mix of a sex demon and a human, and since they were only half sex-demon, they only inherited the aphrodisiac effect of their demonic ancestors and still retained mostly human qualities. The Huncubi were introduced to the world, but not as free people, as sex slaves. Most women were used to run high class brothels, while males made little use as sex slaves, ended up working in mines. How did they keep the Huncubi so obedient? Well, if they were disobedient, they would be introduced to either a Lusty Maiden's Earring or a Laborer's Shackle. This is now a common practice for slavers, to use an earring or shackle to keep their slaves obedient, but it wasn't always guaranteed. That is when a corrupt crime boss named Jakoph had a mage construct for him a "Slaver's Ring" this is used for complete control over a slave, with no hope of resistance. This is the Lusty Maiden's Earring. This item is meant to be used with Ring of the Slaver (5e Equipment).

While you are attuned to and wearing this earring, you have advantage on any ability checks using the following skills.


While you are attuned to this earring, you have disadvantage on all ability checks using the following skills.

Sleight of Hand

This earring restricts use of magic to an extent, and while you are attuned to the earring, you must succeed on ability check using your casting ability equal to 8 + the level of the spell you intend to cast. On a failure, the spell fails and has no effect. You still expand the spell slot.

Any time that someone gives you a command, you must make a DC 10 Wisdom saving throw to resist obeying. Commands fall under the same rule as the spell suggestion and cannot lead to your demise.

Even if you were to remove the earring, the curse remains on you. Removing the earring does not get rid of its attunement.

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