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Ring, legendary (requires attunement)

The rings of oblivion are two rings one of creation and one of destruction. The ring of creation is a stainless sliver and blue ring and the ring of destruction is a stainless Black and red ring both these rings have 3 charges and regain 1d2-1 charges at dawn

The ring of creation allows the wearer to cast creation as an 8th level spell but instead items created this way do not expire after a time limit they stay indefinitely.The ring of destruction allows the wearer the cast Disintegrate on living and non living thing non living things destroyed this way are disintegrated.

When both of these ring come together on a single user that is attuned to both rings there able to cast Oblivion,As a spell like ability this creates a ball of absolute chaos when something comes in contact with this spell they must make the saving throw or be erased completely When something comes in contact with this spell they must make a DC 12 saving throw using their highest mental stat or be erased completely to use this ability it cost one charge from both rings to cast

Ring of creation stainless-steel-silver-and-blue-mens-ring.jpg 612ft81AhSL._UX395_.jpg Ring of destruction

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