Ring of Famine (5e Equipment)

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Ring, legendary (Requires attunement by a chaotic or evil creature)

This ring, worn by the Horseman Famine, can corrupt a feast with a single touch. The ring has 1d6 charges, which it can regain at dawn. By expending one charge, everyone in a 40 foot radius must make a DC 18 Constitution saving throw, unless the wearer chooses otherwise. On success, the creature is unaffected. On failure, the creature is infected with an insatiable hunger that lasts 24 hours. They must consume all food they can, including food items that they would not normally eat, affected creatures are willing to break any laws to do so. For example, if a cannibal was hungry, and no other food was in the area, they would begin to devour those around them. Additionally, each piece of food in the radius becomes poisoned. Consuming 1d4 pieces of food causes 1d12 poison damage. This ring also corrupts food spells such as heroes' feast or goodberry. This ring also allows the wearer to summon a black horse as a mount for 24 hours.

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