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Ring, rare

An unusual and unpleasant but ultimately rather useful item.

Bonding. Placing this small, unadorned ring upon your finger causes it to fuse to your flesh in a painless put unsettling process. Once fused in this manner, the ring cannot be removed until its wearer dies or the digit, hand or limb it’s attached to is severed.

Homunculi Creation. The ring was originally designed to make the process of creating a homunculus easier. As it is, it is perhaps too good at its task. As an action on your turn, you may activate the ring. When you do, a homunculus claws itself out of your living flesh- a process which is both painful and unsettling. You immediately suffer 5 necrotic damage and your hit point maximum is decreased by an amount equal to the damage dealt. Each of your stats (strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom and charisma) is decreased by one. A tiny homunculus (Monster Manual) appears in your space. This homunculus acts as an extension of your body and attacks in combat on your initiative count, but shares none of your character’s class or racial features. You are considered the homunculus' master for the purposes of its telepathic bond.

Endless Stream. Once the ring has been activated, it’s hard to stop. At the start of each of your turns (or once every six seconds outside combat), you make a DC 16 Constitution saving throw. If you succeed, the ring deactivates. If you fail, another homunculus is created and you suffer another 5 necrotic damage and decrease in stats. This process continues until your character dies or succeeds on the constitution saving throw.

Grisly End. When the necrotic damage of the Ring of Homunculi drops your body to 0 hit points, or any of your stats is decreased to 0, your physical body dies. If you have created at least one homunculus, however, you live on. You are still experiencing the world through the senses of your homunculi and they can still act for you and as you, underneath your control.

Mending the Mess. It’s hard to reverse the process of being transformed into a cloud of homunculi. A lesser restoration spell or similar magic cast on one or more of the homunculi will cause them to revert to your physical body (if your physical body is still alive, it will need to be present for this to work). Your hit point total becomes (or is increased by) the total hit points of all homunculi reverted this way- your hit point maximum becomes (or increased by) the hit point maximum of each homunculus reverted this way. Each of your stats increases by one for each homunculus reverted this way. If you are left with stats lower than your maximum in those stats (i.e. one or more of the homunculi are dead), these stats will return to normal after you finish a long rest. The same is true for your hit point maximum.

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