Ring of Frost and Ice (5e Equipment)

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Ring, legendary

Frozen Soul. This ring must be attuned to the owner before use. The ring freezes part of the owners soul allowing it to be found anywhere the closer the owner is to it the warmer they will get. This ring has 10 charges and regains 1d6 + 3 expended charges daily at dawn. The ring allows the user to cast Frost Bolt (5e Spell) 1 Frostball (5e Spell) 1 Frostbite (5e Spell) 1 Frostfire Bolt (5e Spell) 3 Froststrike (5e Spell) 3 Frostwave (5e Spell) 4 Frozen Tomb (5e Spell) 3 Ice Beam (5e Spell) 5 Ice Eruption (5e Spell) 5 Ice Shards (5e Spell) 5 Ice Spear (5e Spell) 3 Ice Wave (5e Spell) 8 Using the numbers at the end as charges. If the ring is ever broken or destroyed the owners soul will freeze entirely and can only be cured by a curse removal spell.

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