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Ring, legendary (requires attunement from a lawful character)

Many believe that Di Lee Suun was the original creator of the martial arts forms. It has been told that she perfected each form and attained harmony through sheer force of body alone. A grandmaster of every form, Di Lee Suun founded the traditions that lead the way for the monastic tradition we know today. But Di Lee Suun did not account for the hubris of man when teaching the many forms. Di Lee Suun was challenged to combat each and every day by would be masters. All of them hoped to surpass her prowess and attain enlightenment. Thousands challenged her, but none could beat her. In her youth, Di Lee relished the challenges to showcase her superior form but as she aged, the constant fighting brought her torment. She longed for peace, tranquility, and enlightenment which she knew she would never find if she had to fight every day. Many believe that she constructed two rings, One black Yin Ring and one white Yang ring. In the rings she poured every ounce of her martial arts skills and knowledge, and then scattered the two rings to opposite ends of the earth. She promised any who could find and possess both rings would gain her knowledge and skill. At last, she found peace.

The character needs to wear both rings and attune to it to gain the benefits.

When wearing both rings, the wearer is proficient in unarmed attacks and can used a d4 when dealing unarmed damage. The character can make 1 additional unarmed strike as a bonus action when taking the attack action as long as they have a free hand open.

If the character is a monk, then upgrade the damage of the unarmed attack by one die (1d4>1d6>1d8>1d10>2d6>2d8...). If the character uses a flurry of blows, they can make an additional attack as part of the flurry (3 attacks in a flurry). The monk's unarmed attacks are considered magical for the purposes of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage. If the monk already has Ki-empowered strike or gains it, the monk's unarmed strikes ignore resistance and immunity is reduced to resistance to magical attacks and damage.

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