Ring of Resurrection (5e Equipment)

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A powerful ring capable of resurrecting the holder it is a sought after item for its unique properties

Ring, Legendary (major) (Requires attunement)

This item has the power to command life and death itself. While you are attuned to this item, you gain the following benefits:

The Ring of Resurrection has 3 charges. While you are attuned to the ring, when you die, the ring automatically expends a charge to cast the spell True Resurrection on you, unless you decide otherwise. In addition, you may expend a charge as an action to cast the spell True Resurrection. When it revives someone, the emerald in the center of the ring glows bright green for a few seconds. If the ring ever runs out of charges, it explodes in a burst of green light and disappears. The ring regains a charge after 2 day.

As long as their master is alive, the ring will always find its way back to its master. You can summon the ring (no action required), and it will appear on your finger. If the ring is damaged or destroyed it can reform itself as long as there is still a single piece of it left.

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