Ring of Resizing (5e Equipment)

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Ring, rarity varies (requires attunement)

A piece of jewelry with the simple but wonderful bit of magic that lets you shrink or grow. Three varieties of this ring exist, having rarity ranging from rare to legendary.

Resize. This ring has a number of charges based on its rarity. As an action, you may spend 1 to 3 charges to cast the enlarge/reduce spell through the ring without needing material components and without needing to concentrate on the spell. For 10 minutes or until you use this property again, you are affected by that spell a number of times equal to the charges spent. The rare ring regains 1 charge at dawn. The very rare ring regains 2 charge at dawn. The legendary ring regains 3 charge at dawn.

Charges Rarity
1 rare
3 very rare
5 legendary

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