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Wondrous Item (arm brace), very rare

The Binding Bracer is one of many like itself: A fingerless metal gauntlet that has been used throughout history to oppress and subdue magic users and adventurers alike. Those who rely on magic to get by are crippled horrendously if they ever have the misfortune of meeting this item.

This bracer opens in half, and can be closed around someone's arm or leg, triggering its effects and rendering it nigh unremovable. Some more insidious designs of Binding Bracers have been enchanted to simply teleport themselves onto a person when they are simply touched. Even worse, other bracers have pre-recorded messages enchanted into them that mock and deride the wearer each time they try to work against the bracer. Whatever its form, all Binding Bracers have some form of command word, that, when spoken, causes it to release and lift the creature from their magical shackle.

Magic Suppression. When the bracer is closed on a creature, it automatically attunes and binds itself to them. While it is attuned, the creature loses all of their other attunements and cannot attune to anything else. In addition, the creature cannot use magic or cast spells by any means.

If the creature attempts to attune to another item and completes the ritual, they must make a DC(16) Wisdom saving throw. On a failure, they take 3d8 psychic damage and suffer a level of exhaustion.

Removal. The Binding Bracer cannot be removed by traditional means. It will remove itself only if the command word is spoken by another creature within 30 feet of the wearer, or Wish is used to remove it. Spells such as remove curse have no effect. The only way to remove a Binding Bracer by force is to cast wish.

The Binding Bracer can be pried off with a successful DC(25) Strength check if the creature wearing it is dead.
The command word is language-sensitive, and will not function unless spoken in the correct language. This can be a problem if the command word is from an exotic or rarely-spoken language, such as Deep Speech or Druidic.

Item Creation. If this item is crafted, it will accept the first word spoken within 30 feet by the creator as the command word for release. The command word cannot be in a code language, such as Thieves' Cant, or a language that no living being speaks natively, or gibberish.

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