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Wondrous Item (collar), very rare (requires attunement)

A Collar of Water-Breathing is a collar made of blue leather with a large white pearl embedded in its front. While wearing it you gain the benifits of:

  • A swim speed of 40ft
  • The ability to breathe underwater
  • Advantage on animal handling checks on creatures who reside in the water (fish, octopuses, etc.)

Tied to the Sea. The collar feels strange when you put it on, and cannot be removed after 1d4 days after first use without the use of a spell such as remove curse. After 3 hours, these spells also fail, as the curse takes hold. The collar will fuse to your skin and you are unable to remove it through any natural means. Once this happens, you will be unable to breathe air and need to have your head summered in water to be able breathe. At closer investigation, it will be revealed that you have developed gills along your neck. You start developing patches of blue fish scales all across your body. These are unnoticeable at first, but after 1 hour, your body is almost fully covered by these scales. Around this time, webbed skin begins to grow between your fingers and you begin to feel small protrusions from your arms, back and head. At the 30 minute mark, your hands are completely webbed and you have large fins protruding from your elbows and back. All of your hair has fallen out, which has been replaced by a series of large fins. During the last 30 minutes, your legs will fuse together into one singular appendage and your feet will grow out into a large fish tail. Once the transformation ends, the collar will release from your skin. Your transformation into a Merfolk is now complete. You take on the appearance of the gender of the Merfolk race that you were before along with the proper reproductive organs(allowing you to fertilize and lay eggs depending on which gender you are).

This transformation counts as shapechange. You keep your mental ability scores (Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma, but your physical ability scores are replaced by those of Merfolk. Due to your transformation, your race is now classified as a Merfolk and you no longer receive the benefits and features provided by your previous race. You also lose your advantage on animal handling checks on creatures who reside in the water due to you no longer wearing the collar. If you put it on, it will have no effect. You can wear most equipment without problem, but you can’t wear armor that’s not accommodated for a tail or fins. Additionally when your tail and fins grew your armor may have been broken or destroyed. If your hit points drop to 0, you are knocked unconscious, as this is your true form.

Removing the Curse.First, you will need to cast remove curse to end the attunement to the collar. Once that is done, then you can use greater restoration on the affected player to return them to normal. However, if they forget to remove the collar, the transformation will restart after 1 minute with the item auto-attuning to the creature. If the transformation is completed, a wish spell may be used to return the wearer to normal.

Female Merfolk

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