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Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)

The jackal mask is a mysterious item that only a few people have worn. Many people have heard about the Song of Jackal, a song made by the fortunate ones who had the chance to see the Jackal and managed to live another day. Be these stories true or not, whoever wears this mask earns both the benefits and the burden that comes with it.
Instinct. During all the years it spent facing many enemies, the mask has learned how to sense danger, periodically warning its user about them. You have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks when trying to detect enemies. If you have no proficiency in perception, the mask gives you procifiency with it and if you have proficiency, the mask doubles your proficiency bonus.
Spiritual Bond. The mask infuses its mysterious powers within the soul of its user, unlocking some of your full potential. You have advantage on your first attack roll on your turn and you may choose a saving throw to gain proficiency in.
Wolf Pack. Before a short or long rest, you can choose to visit the inner world inside the mask, leaving behind your body to meet all past Jackals that existed before you and learn how to use the mask and its abilities properly. While you are in this inner world, your body will remain in a trance state until you are forced to come back to reality or come back by your free will. You gain all of the benefits of a short or long rest even when in the mask. However, when you are inside the mask, you are completely unaware of the outside world unless someone attempts to send a message to your mind.
Law of the Strongest. The moment this mask locks on your face, it cannot be removed and you may not end its attunement, not even with the remove curse spell. If you die, this mask will leave your face and affix itself on the face of your killer, giving him/her the name Jackal as well as all of its pros and cons.

Jackal Mask

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