Cloak of Eldritch Outgrowth (5e Equipment)

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armor (light armor), legendary (requires attunement by a warlock)

This jet-black cloak appears to freely change it's appearance to suit the wearer, and at first glance its a torn cloak. upon closer inspection the cloak is embroidered in gold trim. To receive this cloak, is to accept that in the future, death may come to you, and you must welcome it without hesitation. The origins of this cloak are unknown, and all surrounding that is nothing but rumors.

Eldritch Whispers. While wearing this cloak, any creature that comes within 5 feet of you is affected by a dissonant whispers spell using your spell save DC. The spell's damage is nonlethal.

Eldritch Outgrowth. While wearing this cloak you can cast eldritch blast. When you do so, it has all three warlock invocation upgrades (repelling blast, eldritch spear, and agonizing blast).

Curse. This cloak cannot be removed from you while you are alive except by means of a wish spell or Divine Intervention. Whenever a property of the cloak is used (Including Eldritch Whispers), you take 2 points of necrotic damage. This necrotic damage cannot be reduced or avoided in any way. During a long rest the wearer must make a DC 15 Charisma saving throw. On a fail the you don't gain any benefits from the long rest.

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