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Ring, legendary (requires attunement)

This ring is made of a pure black metal and is in the form of a dragon eating its own tail, with ruby eyes. On the inside of the ring is an inscription that reads:

Speak thine dragons true name.

A legendary knight forged this ring in the breath of every type of dragon. He soon discovered that in the heat of battle, he could summon dragons to his aid. He lived for hundreds of years and fought in countless battles. One fateful day, the knight angered a lich. Later that year, the lich and a shadow dragon attacked the knight. The lich was destroyed in the battle, but not before dealing the knight a mortal wound. The knight summoned a golden dragon with his last breath, and the dragon healed him. The lich's shadow dragon was taken by the ring's beauty, and in this moment of hesitation, the knight struck. When the knight struck with what would have been a killing blow, an unearthly scream rent the air. A vortex formed, sucking the shadow dragon into the ring. Throughout the next few months, the knight heard voices at night that slowly and inexorably drew him into madness. He attempted to destroy the ring, knowing that it was the cause of his madness. However, this attempt failed, and he died. His ring then became lost to the ages.

Dragon Consort. You gain a +3 bonus to all Charisma checks when interacting with dragons. While wearing this item, you can also speak Draconic.

Black Wings. You can summon leathery black wings for 10 minutes, granting you a flying speed of 45 feet for the duration of the wings. This item regain use of this effect at dawn.

Black Breath. You can, as an action, use unleash dark breath in a 50 foot cone. All creatures hit must make a DC 18 Constitution saving throw to take half damage. The item regain use of this effect at dawn.

Curse. If the creature wearing the ring falls below 5hp, they must make a DC 18 Wisdom saving throw, or be possessed by the shadow dragon.

Possession: You gain 200 temporary hit points, and are forced to attack any creature in your sight that is not of the chaotic evil alignment. This possession lasts 1 year, after which you die, and the shadow dragon is released.

Appearence while possesed: You appear to be enveloped in a shadowy cloak, with dark wings extending from your back. You gain the effects of the Black Wings permanently while you are possessed by the shadow dragon.

Actions While Possessed: You must make take the attack action against any creature within sight of you that is not of the chaotic evil alignment, or use your spells to the best of your abilities to kill others.

Ending Possession: Once a month, you can attempt a DC 19 Intelligence saving throw. On a success, you are returned to your original health and all effects of possession end. Then, the ring loses all abilities for 100 years. Alternatively, a 8th level greater restoration spell or better can be used to end possession.

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