Blood Cursed Ring of Strength (5e Equipment)

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Ring, Legendary (requires attunement)

A black metal band, engraved with the words, "I hunger." in Abyssal.

Curse. Upon placing the ring on your finger, it bites into the skin. You take 1d8+25 necrotic damage, and your maximum health is decreased by an equal amount. Your Strength score is increased by the die roll to a maximum of 34. In this state, the only way to remove the ring is a greater restoration spell, and all effects of the ring are removed as well.

Blood Sacrifice. As an action, you can choose to repeat the effects of the curse until you reach the maximum Strength score of 34. Upon reaching this score, the ring begins to change, slowly transforming into a gauntlet made of the same black metal. In this state, the curse can only be removed through the use of a wish spell, which causes the gauntlet to dissipate.

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