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Ring, legendary (requires attunement by a chaotic or evil creature)

This ring, supposed to be taken from the Horsemen Pestilence, gives the wearer the ability to cause disease wherever they go.

Spread Disease. As an action, the wearer can cast the contagion spell 3 times without verbal or somatic components, allowing the spell to be cast without detection by other creatures. The ring regains all uses of this property at dusk.

Disease Protection. While wearing this ring, the wearer can designate 6 other creatures besides themselves to become immune to diseases. Those designated to be protected by the wearer of the ring may be changed by going through a 1 hour ritual.

Summoned Steed. As an action, the wearer can also summon a pure white horse as their mount for 24 hours. The ring regains use of this property at dusk.

Curse. Every day that the ring is worn, the ring will cause the wearer to lose 1d8 maximum hit points as if the very life is being sucked out of them. The only way to remove the ring from a hand is by cutting it off or casting a 6th level or higher remove curse spell.


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