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Weapon (Dagger), Legendary (requires attunement)

A long-handled parrying dagger with a flat ringed hilt, a thin, needle-tipped blade, and a large green gem inset into the ring pommel. The grip is wrapped with black leather, while all of the metal is keenly polished with a slight green cast to it.

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. It has the following additional properties.

Light. This dagger constantly emits light like a torch. This light is sickly green.

Forceful Returning. Any time the attuned user of this item ends a turn more than 20 feet away from it, or on a different plane of existence, the dagger vanishes from where it is and reappears in their left hand immediately. If the hand is already occupied, both the hand and the item in it take 1d6 force damage. Upon taking this damage, a user must succeed on a Constitution save (DC 14) or drop what they were holding. On success, they may choose to drop the dagger or the other item. If the hand is empty, no damage is done.

Curse. This dagger is cursed. Upon touching it, you are instantly attuned to it if the dagger is not already attuned to another creature. If you cannot attune any more magic items, one of your previously attuned items is unattuned at random, prioritizing un-cursed items. Attuning to this item curses you until you are targeted by a remove curse spell or similar magic. Any time you come within 30 feet of a corpse that has not previously been raised by necromantic magic and subsequently destroyed, the corpse is animated with 1 hit point and is compelled to attack the nearest living thing to the dagger. Existing mindless undead are compelled to attack as well, while sapient undead must succeed on a Wisdom save (DC 14) to avoid doing the same. The reanimation and compulsion to attack both cease to have effect if the dagger is more than 120 feet away from the undead in question at the end of its attuned user's turn. Corpses reanimated by this dagger cannot be reanimated by it again if they are reduced to 0 hit points, but can be reanimated again if they are deanimated by moving out of range. In any case, this dagger's reanimation has no bearing on further applications of Necromancy spells.

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