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Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

Within Cania, the 8th circle of the Nine Hells, runs a near infinite number of mines, made for both mortals and insolent devils. Whipped by their greater masters, they forever break at the ice and stone, and are forced to haul up the work of their labour. The resources gained through this are incredibly minimal, making this wholly an exercise of punishment.

Within these mines once lied Javamak, a devil of now forgotten lineage. It toiled within the halls for untold millenia, for crimes stricken from the ancient records. With worn pickaxe, it struck the ice, again and again. However, a fateful swing laid clear a great orange gem, perfectly cut. Javamak hid it, stopping their captors from claiming it for themselves. At a final return to the surface, Javamak presented it, and through a burst of immense power, Javamak went free, to wreak havoc upon the material plane.

Millenia since, the Gem of Javamak has passed hands again and again, the pure greed inflicted by it making this almost a necessity.

While attuned to the Gem of Javamak, your Charisma score increases by 4, to a maximum of 30.

Additionally, while holding the gem, you can cast dominate monster, plane shift(self only), and psyblast at will (DC 20). When cast in this way, dominate monster does not require concentration.

Cursed. After spending 8 hours within 100 feet of the Gem of Javamak, a creature must make a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw, or be willing to do anything to acquire it, from losing limbs to killing close family. On a success, the next time you must make the saving throw, the DC increases by 2. This compulsion can only be ended by the wish spell, divine intervention, or similar means.

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