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Wondrous Item (Mask), very rare (requires attunemnet)

The Mask of Spiderkind is a gift given to a Drow by Lolth herself. At first, they will revel in their new abilities. But soon they will realize that the Mask was given to them with ill intent, for Lolth revels in the suffering of others. To her, it is all a sick joke as her victim is transformed.

The Mask of Spiderkind is a black steel mask With large mandibles in the front and eight rubies representing the spiders eyes. You may spend a bonus action to don or doff the mask. While while wearing the mask, you gain the following abilities:

  • Spider Climb. You can climb difficult surfaces, including upside down on ceilings, without needing to make an ability check.
  • Spider Sense. Even though their are no apparent eye holes in the mask, you can see as if you weren't even wearing a mask, better even. You gain advantage on and are proficient on all Perception checks and you gain blindsight of 10ft.
  • Web Sense. While in contact with a web, you know the exact location of any other creature in contact with the same web.
  • Web Walker. You ignore movement restrictions caused by webbing.
  • Spider Connection. You can sense the presence of all spiders within 300ft of you, you have advantage on Animal Handling checks when dealing with spiders and you can innately cast Animal Friendship on spider, requiring no material components.

Spiderkin. This mask feels strange when you put it on, and cannot be removed after one minute without the use of a spell such as remove curse. After 10 minutes, these spells also fail, as the curse takes hold. Over the next hour,small black hairs will begin to grow all over your body. You feel as the mask melts into your face with the rubies turning into eyes and the metal exterior changing to thick, coarse spider hair. Your body will painfully begin to contort and shrink. Both your arms and your legs will elongate and split while the anus begins to centralize on one point. The anus, after achieving centralization, bloats and lengthens into an abdomen not unlike a spider’s. The abdomen is seen to have a variety of organ growth, beginning with Silk glands and ending with the Heart deconstructing and moving to the abdomen. In your final moments, you feel your mind slowly melt away into nothing. Your transformation into a black female spider is complete.

This transformation counts as True Polymorph. All of your game Statistics, including mental Ability Scores, are replaced by the Statistics of a spider. After 1d4 days, you will lay spider eggs, but instead of hatching into newborn spiders, they fuse and grow into a new Mask of Spiderkind. You then spend the rest of your life as a female spider unless if the effects are reversed through a wish spell.

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