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Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

A stasis crystal is a small blue, slightly translucent gem about an inch long and half an inch wide. When in dim light or darkness, it will emit a faint blue glow. The effects come into effect when a creature ingests the crystal. When eating it, it breaks apart easily and quickly dissolves in your bodies fluids. The effects are near instantaneous.

The user will begin to emit an aura of faint blue light. The light then hardens and turns to crystal. Inside, the user is frozen in time in a dreamlike state. The crystal will endure for eternity and the only way to free the user is through a wish spell.

Variant. Through a special ritual, an arcanist can alter some of the effects of the crystal. This is what some experts mean by people using them on their own free will. After ingesting the crystal, the effects will be the same, but the user is able to leave the crystal. A ritual may be performed so that the user may be released from the confines of the crystal for up to two weeks. The crystal will shine brightly before slowing dissipating, freeing whoever is inside. The user's skin has absorbed the properties of the crystal, giving the user a +2 to their AC and can add an extra 2d6 damage to all unarmed strikes made. But once their time is up, they will once again be sealed in crystal. During their two weeks, the user may choose to end their time early and seal themselves away. Once resealed, the ritual to free the user cannot be performed for another ten years. Such crystals are put to use where the user needs to be present for an event in the future, such as the reemergence of a world ending demon that they had previously defeated.


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