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Wondrous Item, very rare

A Pinata breaker appears similar to a common pinata, resembling an unknown quadruped, similar to a donkey or horse and it is constructed out of colorful paper-mache. By default, it remains in a passive, motionless state. Children will treat it as a normal pinata, but will usually tire and leave when they are unable to break it. But when a humanoid 12 years or older enters within a 15ft radius of the pinata, they must make a DC 12 Constitution saving throw. On a failure, the pinata enters into an active state and the humanoid becomes paralyzed. The pinata will then slowly begin to approach the humanoid and begin to bludgeon them with its head. Upon reaching 0 HP, the humanoids torso will rupture, revealing the humanoid to be hollow except for many tiny, individually wrapped sweets. The Pinata will repeat this for other immobilized creatures before returning to a docile state. If removed form the pinata's radius before rupturing, the humanoid may be cured of the paralysis with a remove curse spell.

  • Pinata Breaker. walking speed 5ft, Melee Weapon Attack, +3 to hit, reach 5ft, one target., Hit: 5 (1d8 + 1) Bludgeoning damage, the pinata makes two attacks per turn.

If a child consumes any of the sweets created when the pinata ruptures a humanoid, they will describe it as awfully sweet and addictive. When a humanoid the ages 12 or older consumes the candy, it will seem tasteless. The humanoid must then make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw. On a success, they immediately throw the candy up. On a failure, they will enter in a state of paralysis similar to those who enter into the pinata's radius, although they assume a standing stance, with their arms resting in front of them. Over the next hour, the humanoid will transform into another Pinata Breaker. The transformation may be reversed if a greater Restoration spell is cast before the end of the transformation. Otherwise, a wish spell is needed to change the humanoid back to normal.

(The following passage is an excerpt from the research notes of Uldor Akey, a researcher and magical expert working at the Arcane Identification Agency (A.I.A.): Magical Item Branch. AIA is responsible for identifying and recording unknown magical creatures and objects for public knowledge.)

The Agency recovered Object-2721 at a youth academy. Reports had come in about a strange multicolored animal bludgeoning a teacher to death. At the time of arrival, the school had been evacuated and the pinata was discovered in one of the classrooms in a pile of candy. After witnessing its effects and almost losing one of our agents, it was successfully transported to an A.I.I. testing facility without incident. Subjects were then brought in to study Object-2721's effects.

The first subject, now referred to as Subject-2721-1, was a 34 year old human male who was apprehended after defacing the statue of the local god. Test went as follows:

Test Log 1.

Procedure. Subject-2721-1 entered Object-2721's testing chamber and was ordered to approach Object-2721.

Results. After entering within what has now been identified as 15ft of Object-2721, Subject-2721-1 froze and and was unable to move. The subject was still alive and their rapidly moving eyes suggest that they retained awareness. Object-2721 then became active and approached Subject-2721-1 and began to headbutt the subject's torso. Unlike how normal living tissue reacts, the damaged skin appeared to split and crack open. After a few seconds, the subject's torso ruptured, spilling out a large pile of unmarked candy. Object-2721 then ceased movement.

Analysis. Before proper inspection, the remainder of Subject-2721's body seemed to disintegrate, leaving no trace. The candy, now identified as Object-2721/1, was recovered for further testing

The next test required multiple subjects. Subject-2721-2 was a 27 year old half-orc male who was apprehended after attempting to smuggle wanted criminals outside city limits. Subject-2721 was an 79 year old Elf female who sacrificed her adopted parents in attempts to summon a demon. The test went as follows:

Procedure. Both subjects entered the testing chambers and were instructed to approach Object-2721.

Results. Upon entering within 15ft of Object-2721, Subject-2721-2 froze. Subject-2721-3 tried to escape containment, but was apprehended by A.I.A. personnel and was thrust into Object-2721's radius where she fell on her side. Object-2721 activated and approached Subject-2721-3, who was the closet subject, and preceded to bludgeon the area between the neck and shoulders. After a few seconds, Subject-2721 ruptured and released instances of Object-2721/1, before beginning to disintegrate. Object-2721 then preceded to do the same with Subject-2721-2.

Analysis. It appears that Object-2721 is able to affect multiple entities at once.

The next subject, now refereed to as Subject-2721-4, was a 37 year old Tiefling male who was apprehended after deserting his platoon during a Gnoll raid. Test went as follows:

Test Log 3.

Procedure. Subject-2721-4 entered the testing chambers and was instructed to approach Object-2721. Once the subject would experiance Object-2721 effects, A.I.A. personnel were instructed to immediately remove Subject-2721-4 from the testing chambers.

Results. Upon removing Subject-2721-4 from Object-2721's radius, Subject-2721-4 remained immobile. Closer inspection revealed that the subjects skin appeared closer in texture to that op paper-mache. An autopsies showed that the subject was extremely dehydrated and the bones were extremely brittle. All of the subject's internal organs had shriveled up, about an 1/8 of their original size, but despite this, the subject was still alive, was conscious and still retained their previous shape. Inside were also found a few instances of Object-2721/1.

Testing on Object-2721/1 has been approved.

The next subject, now referred to as Object-2721-1, was a 26 year old human female who was convicted of curing a man, turning him into a lizard. Test went as follows:

Test Log 4.

Procedure. Object-2721-1 entered the testing chambers and was ordered to consume an instance of Object-2721/1.

Results. Subject entered the room in tears, saying how she was wrongfully convicted. A.I.A. ordered her to eat the candy. After consuming the candy, her body immediately seesed all movement. Her body straightened out and her arms moved out in front of her, all while her eyes continued to dart around and weep tears. Over approximately the next hour, the subject began to transform into an instance of Object-2721. The subject's skin began peeling up and turned into paper-mache of many different varieties of color and all of her hair fell out. She began to stiffen as her fingers, hand, toes and feet receded into the body, leaving only stumps remaining. Her body bent over, her limbs shortened in length, no longer with any joints, as she assumed the form of a quadruped and her body began to shrink. Her face began to elongate, her mouth sealed shut, her nose turned white and became just a little stubble and her eyes eventually hardened. After approximately 1 hour, she had turned into an instance of Object-2721 and had the same magical properties.

All instances of Object-2721 and Object-2721/1 are to be recovered and properly contained to prevent further harm.

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