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Armor (studded leather (dragon leather)), legendary (attunement optional)

A gem containing the soul of a dracolich attaches itself onto the base of the neck and magically latches itself onto your soul, becoming implanted into the base of your neck. The armor appears as a robe made of dragon leather of any color with a hood and metal plates on the arms. During a long rest, the armor sucks back into the crystal. At the end of the rest the armor forms again, starting at the base of the neck. You gain a +1 bonus to your AC as well as the ability to read, speak, and understand Draconic. While wearing this armor, you have resistance to necrotic damage. Once on your turn, you can speak a command word in Draconic. The armor will then mold into one of four dragon parts (only one part can be used at a time) as an action:

  • Head: the hood forms into a partially rotten dragon head. The head can bite, doing 2d10 piercing damage. The head can also use a breath weapon as an action. Enemies within a 30ft cone must make a DC 17 Constitution save or take 2d12 of damage depending on the color of the dracolich.
  • Wings: the back of the robe extends into two wings. You gain flying speed of 40 feet.
  • Claws: the ends of the arms form into claws, perfectly fitted to your hands. If your unarmed strike has no damage die, it becomes 2d10 slashing damage. If they do, then your unarmed strike deal an additional 2d6 slashing damage. You have a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls with these attacks
  • Tail: the end of the robe starting at your waist becomes a partially rotten tail. Enemies within 10ft of you must make a DC 17 Dexterity save or take 2d8 bludgeoning and be knocked prone.

Cursed : acquiring this armor is no safe manner. At the start of your turn, make a DC 18 Wisdom saving throw. Upon failure, the dracolich takes over your body for at the start of your next turn, causing your body to attack anyone near you to quench the bloodlust within the dracolich. While in this state, all four dragon parts are in use and gain an additional 1d8 in damage rolls. No other weapons can be used. After the two turns, you can make the saving throw again. The state ends once the saving throw is made. If you fail the save, the dracolich possesses you for an additional turn.

If you attune to this armor, the curse has no effect on you. Also, you become capable of switching out dragon parts as a bonus action or reaction and can use two dragon parts at once.

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