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Magic Armor, Featured and Quality

These magic armors have been vetted through the Featured Articles or Quality Articles process and are suitable for any normal campaign.

Magic Armor Rarity Type
Absorption Armor very rare any
Avian Armor very rare studded leather

Magic Armor

Magic Armor Rarity Type
Absorbing Shield rare shield
Aegis, Variant rare shield
Aegis rare shield
Alacritous Armor common medium or heavy, but not hide
Ancient Shield very rare shield
Angelic Armor very rare light, medium or heavy
Antimagic Shield legendary shield
Anything Armor rare any
Arm shield Legendary shield
Armor, Red Iron uncommon, rare (+1), very rare (+2), or legendary (+3) any medium or heavy armor made of metal
Armor of Binding rare (+1), very rare (+2), or legendary (+3) medium or heavy
Armor of Boosting uncommon any
Armor of Celestial Boons very rare any medium or heavy, but not hide
Armor of Dawn very rare light, medium, or heavy
Armor of Elemental Absorption rarity varies any
Armor of False Wings uncommon any
Armor of Fenris legendary counts as unarmored
Armor of Gurdians legendary plate
Armor of Haste uncommon (+0), rare (+1), or very rare (+2) light or medium
Armor of Immunity very rare light, medium, or heavy
Armor of Mount Protection rare any armor
Armor of Revenge rare (+1), very rare (+2), or legendary (+3) any armor
Armor of Rocks very rare medium or heavy, but not hide
Armor of Selûne legendary plate
Armor of Thorns uncommon light or medium armor
Armor of Undead Fortitude uncommon medium or heavy, but not hide
Armor of the Blood Fisted rare medium or heavy
Armor of the Darkest Night very rare light
Armor of the Dryad rare light, medium, or heavy
Armor of the Feathered Wing legendary scale mail
Armor of the Fire Elemental legendary plate
Armor of the High Dragoon legendary plate
Armor of the Last Guardian legendary plate
Armor of the Nameless Son legendary half plate
Armor of the Phoenix Legendary Any heavy armor
Armor of the Warleader legendary half plate
Armor of the Wind rare light, medium, or heavy
Armor of unyelding fury legendary hide
Armor or the Moon Dancer very rare Light
Armour of Speed uncommon Leather
Astral Silver Armor Very rare Medium or Heavy, except Hide
Aura Armor legendary plate
Auric Andamantine Titanium Armor Legendary All armor combined
Auto Defend Armor Legendary Full body chain mail
Balgar's Armor Legendary half plate
Barbarian Armor uncommon hide
Battle Armor legendary heavy
Battlegear of Might very rare plate
Battlemages Plate Very Rare Plate
Berserker Armor Legendary Plate
Bikini Armor very rare light or medium
Bladebreaker Armor rare any heavy armor
Bladed Shield uncommon Shield
Blue Mail very rare chain shirt or chain mail
Bulwark Regalia legendary plate
Bursting Shield uncommon shield
Carapace Armor, Variant rarity varies hide
Catarina Knight Armor uncommon splint
Charged Armor common light, medium or heavy
Chozo Power Armor Legendary special
Cloak of Frozen Scale Very Rare Cloak
Clockwork Armor very rare half plate, plate, or scale mail
Coat of the Lycan King Legendary Magical Clothing
Collar of Khorne legendary plate
Colossus Bracers rare shield
Combat Skirt uncommon light
Cresweld Plate legendary plate
Dark Lord's Armor Unique plate
Draconic Armor legendary studded leather (dragon leather)
Dragon Full Plate rare dragon full plate
Dragon Slayer Shield rare shield
Dreadnought Armor very rare plate
Dreadnought Plate Armor legendary plate
Ebony Mail legendary plate
Enchanced Wolf Armor Rare Medium
Enchanted Lich Robes Legendary Robe
Fade Plate rare plate
Fire Spartan Armor Rare any heavy armor
Fire Wolf Armor very rare any medium or heavy armor
Force Shield very rare shield
Fullmetal Cloak, Variant rare plate
Gallant Armor very rare plate, half plate, or breastplate
Gambler's Armor rare light, medium, or heavy
Garment of Protection rare (+1), very rare (+2), or legendary (+3) clothes
Ghost Armor Rare Light, Medium or Heavy
Glamoured Armor uncommon (+0), rare (+1), very rare (+2), or legendary (+3) light, medium, or heavy
Golden Guardian Plate rare half plate or plate
Golden Plate legendary plate
Gothic Armor rare splint
Grand Raven Armor legendary studded leather
Grandmaster Feline Armor legendary light armor
Gromril Armor Legendary Plate
Guardian Armor uncommon plate
Heartwood Armor common medium or heavy, but not hide
Heide Knight Armor very rare plate
Hell Forged Armor legendary plate
Hide of the Bear Spirit rarity varies hide
Holocaust Armor legendary medium or heavy armor
Holy Protector very rare shield
Hunter's Hide rare hide
Ice and Fire armor legendary plate
Immortal King's Sacred Armor legendary half plate
Incursion Armor very rare medium or heavy
Infused Leather Vestments uncommon leather
Invulnerable Shield uncommon (+0), rare (+1), or very rare (+2) shield
Iron Golem Armor legendary plate
Iron Man Suit very rare heavy armor
Juggernaut Armor, Variant Legendary Plate
Juggernaut Armor legendary plate
Khadgar's Robe uncommon clothes
Le Roc Uncommon shield
Leather Armour of Pocketing uncommon Leather
Lightning Left legendary gauntlet
Lightning Shield very rare shield
Lion’s Mane rare hide
Living Breastplate Symbiont legendary breastplate
Lynel Shield rarity varies iron shield
Master Armor very rare light, medium, or heavy
Mastercrafted Wolf Armor Rare Medium
Meteorite Armor very rare plate
Mirror Shield, Variant legendary shield
Mirror Shield legendary shield
Morse Anti-Magic Shield very rare shield
Nemean Leather Armor uncommon Leather Shoulder Guard
Nemean Lion Skin legendary hide
Nemesis Legendary shield
Nidoplate very rare plate
Norse Shield very rare shield
Nurgle's Living Plate Legendary Heavy
Nyr-metal Armor very rare Medium or heavy, but not hide
Organtine Chestplate rare light
Piecemeal Armor uncommon hide
Pirate Garb uncommon leather
Power Armor VII (Aquila/Imperator Armour) Legendary Plate
Protection of Mother Kosem legendary any
QuickArmor uncommon medium or heavy, but not hide
Randur's Helm legendary great helmet
Raven Feather Cloak, Variant Rare Light armor
Revealing Plate Very Rare Plate
Ringed Knight Armor very rare half plate
Rings of Saturn (5e Shield) Very Rare Shield
Savior's Hide legendary leather
Scarlet Spider Suit Each item on this page has a rarity of rare Padded armor
Senketsu legendary Clothing
Sentinel Armor rare plate
Sentinel Shield
Sexy Armor rare light
Shade's Cloak Uncommon (+0), Rare (+1), Very Rare (+2), or Legendary (+3) Light Armor
Shadow-Spider legendary Chitin Armor
Shardplate legendary plate
Shatter Shield Rare
Shield of Absorption common shield
Shield of Bats uncommon shield
Shield of Deflection legendary shield
Shield of Expertise very rare shield
Shield of Flying Very rare shield
Shield of Hurling rare shield
Shield of Kord legendary shield
Shield of Returning uncommon, rare, very rare, legendary shield
Shield of Shields rare shield
Shield of the Endless Sky legendary shield
Shielding Armor rare any
Shimmering Shield rare shield
Siege Keeper rare shield
Slaaneshi Harmful Harness Very rare Chain Armor
Spell Sponge legendary shield
Spellbreaker legendary shield
Spider-Man Suit legendary Any light armor
Spiderplate very rare plate
Spring-Loaded Shield common shield
Squirellfolk Armor rare light
Stalwart Agony rare shield
Stalwart Armor rare (+1), very rare (+2), or legendary (+3) medium or heavy
Steadfast Hold legendary shield
Storm Reavers Bulwark legendary plate
Suit of Transmutation Legendary Special
Sylph Cloak Uncommon Cloak
The Scarlet Summit legendary studded leather
The Suit of The Therapy Spider Legendary April fools, Padded
Thundering Right legendary gauntlet
Tower Shield of the Rein legendary shield
Vibranium Plate legendary plate
Vile Scar Shield rare shield
Warding Steel rare heavy
Water Shield very rare shield
Weeping Shield rare shield
Wind God's Shield legendary shield
Wolf Armor Rare Medium
Xavius's Platemail legendary plate
Yin Yang robe rare clothes
Zephyr Shield rare shield

Incomplete Magical Armor

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