Auric Andamantine Titanium Armor (5e Equipment)

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Armor (All armor combined), Legendary

Forged thousands of years ago, this armour is the armour fit for a god, it emits a light aura and can heal those within that aura that the wearer chooses

This armour has an AC score of 30 Your AC automatically becomes 30, and attacks against you have disadvantage.

Basic statistics of this armour While you are wearing this armour, you gain the following stats You are immune to piercing and slashing non-magical damage, and non-magical bludgeoning damage is halfed. Non-magical projectiles that are medium or smaller in size bounce of you 2d8ft and can strike a target, dealing half its normal damage. All kinds of magic weapons and spells cannot target you, critical hits function like a normal hit, and disadvantaged attack of all sorts automatically fails and you are immune to all force and fire damage

Auric aura You emit a yellow white aura of light that shines out to 30ft and dims light to 60ft, you also gain night vision. As long as a creature including yourself is in this aura, you can choose any amount creatures including yourself within the aura to heal 2d12 damage, and you can choose any amount of creatures to take 2d12 radiant damage.

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