Envies Rest, Martyr's Death (5e Equipment)

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Armor (breastplate), rare (major tier) (requires attunement)

A rather odd piece, the entire breastplate is made solely out of copper, the right side completely oxidized, the left almost untouched. Besides the coloring, the two different halves are incredibly visually distinct. The left is perfectly smooth and shiny, showing no wear from time nor wounds. The right is the left's inverse, a crusty, deep green coating, deep scars showing the dulled brown underneath. A small chain, attached at the right shoulder, reaches across the chest as if it were attached at both ends, however it begins to oxidize and vanish at the midsection.

The plate functions as something of a magic magnet, allowing a user to force a spell to target themselves, for better or worse. While a spell like haste or shield of faith tend to drain it's very limited energy, recharging it comes exclusively from taking on negative spells all to yourself.

Jealous Martyrdom. When any creature that is not you within 60 feet is targeted by a spell with a duration of one minute or longer, you can use your reaction to have it instead effect you. If the spell affects multiple targets, the only target is now you.

While this affects you, the caster cannot willingly end the spell, either by choosing to do so or by casting another concentration spell.

This item has a maximum of two charges. When you use Jealous Martyrdom to be targeted by a beneficial spell, it loses one charge. Otherwise, it gains one charge.

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