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Armor (light), Unique (requires attunement)

The suit is a completely black bodysuit that features a red 'X' (with the lower-right point elongated to stretch across the chest to the bottom of the right pectoral muscle) placed over the top of the left pectoral muscle, an ash-gray utility belt that features a silver/light gray buckle, a concealed teleportation button (shaped like a circle that features a red 'X', when revealed) in the middle of the buckle, a pair of vertical cylinder-shaped tubes on the back of each pouch and a thin, horizontal red stripe through the middle of the backside, a pair of serrated ash-gray gloves that feature black outlines around the "serrated" portions, a single, large red 'X' on the palms and the back of the hands, a pair of black boots that feature an ash-gray outline around the edge of the soles (which feature an ash-gray version of the skull on the mask, but with red eyes that lack a thick black outline, and a red 'X' below it, on the heel), a black cape that features an ash-gray interior, a black helmet-like mask that features a white skull (that lacks the lower jaw) and a red 'X' placed in the middle of the "face", with the lower-right point of the 'X' elongated to end beneath the right eye. The "eyes" of the mask are white reflective lenses that seem to act like Robin's mask (in terms of expressing emotions) and are thickly outlined in black. 

The belt relies on power from an element called  Zynothium. The suit is also fitted with an invisibility or cloaking device, and a teleportation device. The red 'X's located on his gloves can be used to form constructs, such as shurikens, wrist-mounted blades, restraints (by constriction or adhesion), timed explosives, instant openings, or any other conceivable function (see Gallery, below, for known effects).

You gain these benefits while wearing the armor:

Unarmored Defence. You are considered unarmored.

Cloaking Device. As an action or bonus action for 3 Zynothium Cells, you can press a botton in the belt to activate a cloaking device. When active, the armor generates a modulating field that transmits the reflected light from one side of an object to another. The end result is practical invisibility, which can range from translucency to near-perfect active camouflage.

Utility Belt An Utility Belt with 6 pouchs. The belt also is used to contain the Zynothium Cells. It hold up to 30 Zynothium Cells at once.

Teleportation Device. As an action or bonus action for 5 Zynothium Cells, you can trigger the teleportation switch built into the belt's front buckle and cast Dimension Door

Red X Weapons. As an action or bonus action for 1 Zynothium Cells, you can create one X-shaped weapon with a red coloration out of the suits gloves's X mark. The various weapons are: 2 Xarangs or 10 X-shaped shurikens, red lasers(only 4 shot), red adhesive restraint goops, X-handblades, and X-buzzsaws.

Red X, by BobbenKatzen, [Source]

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