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Armor (plate), uncommon

Chocolate armor lasts for one week or for one minute during its first battle. After that it melts or falls apart and loses its magic properties.

Poisonous Armor. Monsters and animals (other than canines) that use mouths, or claws to attack with will not attack a creature wearing chocolate armor with these weapons because they sense that it is poisonous to them. A monster or animal that does attack a creature wearing chocolate armor with its mouth or claws will take 3d6 poison damage 1 hour later. Canine animals or monsters will ignore this problem thus becoming poisoned. Chocolate armor is non-poisonous to humanoids.

Chocolate armor starts out a battle with an AC of 20. Unfortunately, the armor loses 1 point of AC per round of combat until it reaches AC 10, at which point the damage and exertion of battle destroys it causing it to lose its magic and melt, leaving the wearer covered from head to toe with non-magical chocolate.

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