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Armor (plate), legendary

An armor forged from nothingness. It glows ominously.

Absorption. This armor starts with a weight of 0 pounds and an AC bonus of -2. However, the void absorbs any armour placed touching it, gaining half of its weight, 1/4 of that armour's AC bonus (this can result in a decimal value, in which case round to the nearest whole number when applying this AC bonus) and, if the armor was magical, roll a WIS check with DC of 13 + rarity modifier, where the rarity modifier is determined using the table below based on the rarity of the absorbed armour. On a successful check, the magical properties are also carried over to Armor of the Void. The Armor of the Void can provide a maximum of 20 bonus AC and can store 5 magical effects other than its own. Each rarity is worth a certain amount of void points. The armour can have magical effects as long as the point maximum isn't gone over. Common and Uncommon are worth 1, Rare is worth 2, Very Rare is 3, and Legendary is 4. If you go over 5 points, all magical effects are removed. If this maximum for magical effects is reached, you can remove 1 effect when absorbing a new magical armor effect in order to gain that effect. When the +20 AC bonus has been reached, the weight of the Armor of the Void no longer increases. Once maximum AC has been reached, the armour may be reset back to normal with a short rest, making it weigh 0 pounds and have a bonus of -2. Optionally, you may use a rng/die to determine what magical effect is kept upon reset. The selected number is kept, all other effects are discarded.

Rarity Modifier
common/uncommon 0
rare +2
very rare +4
legendary +6

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