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Armor (heavy armor), very rare

A large red and gold metallic suit that covers you from head to toe and keeps it's wearer heavily protected. When activated, parts of it glow a soft blue light. It smells like alcohol.

Passive features. These features are always applied to the user of the armor and do not require charges.

Enhanced Strength

As long as the suit has at least 1 charge left, your strength score is increased to 19 unless it was already equal to or higher than 19. In addition, you are considered a large creature for the purposes of pushing, pulling, lifting, or carry weight.


As long as the suit has at least 1 charge left, you have a fly speed of 60 feet.

Repulsor Blasts

As long as the suit has at least 1 charge left, you can fire blasts of energy from your hands, dealing 1d8 + your dexterity modifier of force damage. The range of the blasts is 30 ft./60 ft. with disadvantage.

Lightning Absorption

If you take lightning damage, you regain 1d4 + 1 suit charges.

Charge features. These features require expending a number of charges. The suit has 7 charges and recovers 1d4 charges at the end of each day.


You expend 1 charge and enable the Friday protocol for 1 minute. An AI within the armor, called Friday, provides information to you and assists you in combat for 1 minute. As an action, Friday can analyze an creature and detail information about them, such as hit points, ability scores, weaknesses resistances, etc. This limits of this information is up to your DM.


You expend 3 charges and select a target up to 30 feet away. You fire a concentrated beam of energy from your chest. The target must make a DC 17 Dexterity saving throw, taking 6d6 force damage on a failed save and be pushed back 10 feet or take half as much damage and not be pushed back on a successful one.

House Party Protocol

You expend 2, 4, or 6 charges and create duplicates of the armor. A number of duplicates equal to half the amount of charges you expend appear within 30 feet of you. They follow your commands and will aid you for 1d4 minutes. They may make use of all of the same passive features that the armor has. The duplicates may not make use of any of the charge features.

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