Armor or the Moon Dancer (5e Equipment)

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Armor (Light), very rare (requires attunement by a follower of Eilistraee)

Elistra marveled at the armor's beauty, the goddess's symbol proudly adorning the neckline for all to see. This was not simply a suit of armor; it was a symbol of hope for all drow, that her goddess was with her, and she would lead any who sought freedom from Lolth back to the light.

This armor is made of moonsteel, the same material used to forge the Crescent Blade that was wielded by Eilistraee's champions before it was corrupted by Wendonai. It is a full suit of chainmail, but it is light armor and allows for free movement (armor rating 16 + dex). Wearing this armor grants advantage on all saving throws against all dark beings beholden to Lolth, including her priestesses and champions. The wearer emits an aura that appears like the soft glow of full moonlight and causes all Drow and feinds beholden to Lolth that are within 5 ft of you to have disadvantage on all saving throws.

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